Thermold Insulation offers custom Industrial Insulation products and services.  We offer competitive prices for mechanical insulation.  Contact us for high quality work on time and on budget. 

Service List

We install new insulation, boiler wall repairs and on steam piping to and from boilers.


Our people are certified grease duct insulators and have years of experience doing  grease duct work for mechanical contractors.

Grease Duct Insulation

We insulate:

  -  steam piping
  -  Chilled water piping
  -  Brine piping
  -  Very hot or very cold piping
  -  Rain water leaders
  -  Pipes needing condensation control


We install removable insulation blankets on:
  - Vessels
  - Turbines
  - Mufflers
  - Instrumentation needing freeze protection

General Mechanical Insulation

To contact us:

Phone: 775-771-8781

Fax: 775-847-9332



Extreme Protection Experts